Space heating complete systems


REMARK: the complete systems below, are based on standarized configuration of spaces. These are subject to modifications (collector number / model etc) according to the specific needs of each installation site. A prior study is required by specialized engineer. 


Collectors (model) EPI 25 NV of gross area 2sq mt.
Fittings for the paraller connection of the collectors
Support bases (different for flat / tiles roof)
Cross – type fitting with sensor socket and connection for air purge
Buffer tank
Two expansion vases: for the closed solar circuit and for the cold water inlet of the tank
Solar pumping station DN 20 – ¾’’ (0,5 – 15 lt/min) or DN 25 – 1’’ (5 – 40 lt/min) with differential thermostat
* glycol is not included

Space heating complete systems
Pease refer to our authorized dealers for the detailed configuration of the systems

SystemCollectorNo of collectorsΥΔΡΑΥΛΙΚΟ SOLAR KITSolar expansion vaseCold water expansion vase
SK-500/10,25EPI 255 x 2,00 m²DN 20 -3/4″35 lt35 lt
SK-750/12,30EPI 256 x 2,00 m²DN 20 -3/4″35 lt35 lt
SK-1000/16,40EPI 258 x 2,00 m²DN 20 -3/4″50 lt50 lt
SK-1500/20,50EPI 2510 x 2,00 m²DN 25 – 1″100 lt100 lt
SK-2000/24,60EPI 2512 x 2,00 m²DN 25 – 1″100 lt100 lt