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The company with the name COSMOSOLAR Ltd. was founded in 2005 with its current legal form by Efthymios Spanos then the company E. Spanos – Skyland which was founded in 1985.

It has modern production equipment with high know-how in privately owned facilities of 13,000 m2 in the area of ​​Pyli Dervenochorion, Boeotia, with a branch in Areopoleos 12 Kifissia, and in Frosinone, Italy, raising the bar of quality, having as a priority customer satisfaction.

It has one of the largest networks in all of Greece and export activity to countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Malta, Cyprus, Germany, Austria, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Central America, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, New Zealand and Australia.

COSMOSOLAR LTD , one of the most dynamic companies in the field of solar systems with high efficiency collectors, offers you complete solutions with which you can implement all your plans, whether it is installation of hot water with solar water heater or central systems of accelerated circulation or for heating assistance with inertia tanks in combination with oil boiler, electric boiler, wood boiler, energy fireplace, pellet boiler and heat pump for greater economy, proof of greater economy that suits her and that now meets the high demands of the global market.

All products have the required tests and measurements from the largest institutes abroad and in Greece, observing the highest European standards, satisfying all the requirements of the consumer, always guided by their efficient, economical and excellent operation. The basic philosophy and goal is the products that have to meet for many years the requirements of the consumer with applications in households, hotels, hospitals, large public buildings, schools, industrial units, business premises and anywhere else that requires the installation of reliable solar systems.

Aiming at energy savings, pollution reduction, increased efficiency of solar thermal systems and a cleaner environment. Its goal remains to achieve an even greater completeness of solar thermal systems by further expanding its international character.

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