COSMOSOLAR Ltd. was founded in 2005 with its current legal form by Efthimios Spanos following the company E. Spanos - Skyland which had been founded in 1985.

Facilities - Location

Our company has modern production equipment with high expertise in facilities owned 5.000 m2 in PYLH Dervenochorion Viotia, 2.500 m2 in Acharnais, Attica a branch in Thessaloniki (Oreokastro) and autonomous presence in Forli Italy with COSMOSOLAR ITALIA Srl raising the bar of quality with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Global Network

We have one of the largest networks in Greece and ongoing export activities to countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Malta, Cyprus, Germany, Austria, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Bulgaria Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Central and Latin America, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and Australia.


The COSMOSOLAR Ltd., offering integrated solutions with which you can implement all your plans , whether it's installing hot water with solar water heaters either centralized or forced circulation systems to assist the heating by using buffer tanks with incorporated tank in tank, combined with oil, pellet or wood boiler, fireplace, stove and heat pump. Solutions, that come to satisfy the trends of the world market.

All our products have passed the required tests and measurements of the biggest institutes in Greece and abroad, keeping in this way the highest in European standards. Our goal is customer satisfaction, always with the efficient, economic and operational excellence of our products.

Our approach

The products have to meet, for many years, the needs of the consumer in different applications such as: households, hotels, hospitals, public buildings, schools, industrial plants and anywhere else necessary to install reliable solar systems. Aiming to save energy, reduce emissions, increase the efficiency of solar thermal systems and to a cleaner environment. Our effort does not stop there though, as our product range is continuously expanding, with the integration of new solar space heating systems, to expand our international character this way.